Five Post-COVID19 Personalities in Your Congregation

It varies from State to State, but many local churches are now either returning to a modified version of gathered worship or will soon. I have talked to pastors all over the country and to say that there is apprehension in the midst of their excitement would be an understatement. Some are really positive about[…]

Praying in Tough Times

As I talk with folks during this time of national crisis (“Stay-at-home” orders due to the spread of Coronavirus – Spring 2020), I’m hearing that many are really struggling to pray. Jesus gave us a framework we can rely upon, even when we’re emotionally addled or faced with difficult times. Here is a short video[…]

Mentoring the Leaders of Your Church

First Published in The Trinitas Journal – November 2018 by The Praxis Center for Church Development ( November 27, 2018 The mentoring of elders and other leaders in a local church can be a game-changer. One of the most common health issues I see when working with churches is a leadership team that functions more as a[…]

We’re Not Meant to Suffer Alone

This afternoon I had the privilege to lead the Gathering for Healing Prayer at our local hospital. We do this twice each month — open to patients, hospital staff and the public — believing that our God still exercises his sovereign authority to heal and deliver people.  Today’s reflection was on Matthew 9:1-8, where Jesus[…]

Thoughts on Healing Prayer

I don’t know why we had not thought of it sooner, but it’s been an incredible blessing in which to participate. On the first and third Thursday of every month, my dear friend Father Jon Davis (The Abbey Mission of Oviedo) and I lead a healing prayer service at our local hospital. Go figure —[…]