Fear Not.

Last Sunday I talked about how Satan has corrupted everything — turning our world (intentionally) upside down. Everything about creation has been affected (Romans 8:19-22). Most salient to me right now is that the beautiful awe and wonder of God was corrupted into fear and terror. Both God the Father and Jesus countered that regularly[…]

To What Are You Listening?

As a pastor, I deal with all kinds of people. Those personalities have been enlarged during these times of international pandemic and national upheaval. There are those that are fearful — many living every moment right now in fear. There are those that are suspicious — holding every intention suspect and refusing to believe anything[…]

Five Post-COVID19 Personalities in Your Congregation

It varies from State to State, but many local churches are now either returning to a modified version of gathered worship or will soon. I have talked to pastors all over the country and to say that there is apprehension in the midst of their excitement would be an understatement. Some are really positive about[…]

Praying in Tough Times

As I talk with folks during this time of national crisis (“Stay-at-home” orders due to the spread of Coronavirus – Spring 2020), I’m hearing that many are really struggling to pray. Jesus gave us a framework we can rely upon, even when we’re emotionally addled or faced with difficult times. Here is a short video[…]

Mentoring the Leaders of Your Church

First Published in The Trinitas Journal – November 2018 by The Praxis Center for Church Development (www.praxiscenter.org) November 27, 2018 The mentoring of elders and other leaders in a local church can be a game-changer. One of the most common health issues I see when working with churches is a leadership team that functions more as a[…]