Surrender for Revival

Surrender for Revival: God Is Up to Something in My Town… John Kimball, Lead Pastor of Palmwood Church in Oviedo, Florida ( November 6, 2021 Last night was an incredible experience. While the rain drove us all inside at the last minute, followers of Jesus from all different ethnic backgrounds and church traditions gathered together[…]

The Value of Natural Church Development (NCD)

By John Kimball, CCCC Director of Church Development Christian Schwarz’ Natural Church Development (NCD) process is a gift to the Church. Designed to measure and improve eight Quality Characteristics common to churches across denominational, geographic and cultural lines, NCD implements an assessment tool that surveys the active membership of a congregation to understand the health[…]

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Questions Every Candidating Pastor Should Ask

There’s a secret we have unwittingly kept from most young pastoral candidates — and keeping it from them has helped to set them up for more pain and frustration than they deserve. The secret? An interview with a church’s search committee is a dialogue: the candidate is interviewing the church as much as they are[…]

A Big Difference

After nearly 30 years in the pastorate and in various leadership positions in ministry, I have had the opportunity to learn many different things that either enable a church to flourish, or prevent it. These often have to do with organizational, pastoral and leadership issues; however, there is one critical aspect that rests with the congregation[…]


There is no true prosperity, equality or justice without righteousness. Don’t let anyone fool you. They don’t exist. This idea may seem more timely because we’re in a political season full of all kinds of rhetoric, but the reality is this is true every day.  When it comes to pastors and other leaders, it is one[…]