To What Are You Listening?

As a pastor, I deal with all kinds of people. Those personalities have been enlarged during these times of international pandemic and national upheaval. There are those that are fearful — many living every moment right now in fear. There are those that are suspicious — holding every intention suspect and refusing to believe anything[…]

Powerbrokers and Manipulation – Part 1

By John Kimball, D.Min. Powerbrokers are interesting people. Sometimes I wonder if their tactics are learned or if they just have an innate ability to wield control. In my last few posts, I talked about how powerbrokers in the church use intimidation to advance their agenda. Today’s post looks at the other side of that[…]

Christian, You Have Been Distracted (From Palmwood Church)

Doug the Dog. For me, he might be the most-relatable character Disney has produced. Loving, loyal, passionate and…distracted. Seriously, how many of us didn’t fall madly in love with him in Disney’s UP when, right in the middle of a thought, he’d turn his head and shout, “Squirrel!”? Sadly, I think dear Doug may also[…]