To What Are You Listening?

As a pastor, I deal with all kinds of people. Those personalities have been enlarged during these times of international pandemic and national upheaval. There are those that are fearful — many living every moment right now in fear. There are those that are suspicious — holding every intention suspect and refusing to believe anything[…]

Powerbrokers and Manipulation – Part 1

By John Kimball, D.Min. Powerbrokers are interesting people. Sometimes I wonder if their tactics are learned or if they just have an innate ability to wield control. In my last few posts, I talked about how powerbrokers in the church use intimidation to advance their agenda. Today’s post looks at the other side of that[…]

Powerbrokers Use Intimidation – Part 2

By John Kimball, D.Min. In my last post I talked about why people seem so quick to surrender to a congregational powerbroker.  You can read that post here. In this second installment, I want to talk about how a church member can directly address the intimidation tactics of a powerbroker. Intimidation is fear. Intimidators utilize[…]

Powerbrokers Use Intimidation – Part 1

By John Kimball, D.Min. Let’s face it, powerbrokers are bullies. They are the congregational equivalent of that kid on the playground who loved intimidating the smaller kids. Their need for control may be a personality flaw, driven by fear, a mental health issue or maybe even the result of a past wound. But regardless of[…]

Understanding a Powerbroker

By Dr. John Kimball, D.Min. Powerbrokers. Every organization has them — including the church. They have strong opinions backed up by strong personalities. Some are manipulative. Others are intimidating. All wield their agendas and know how to “press in” on those who tend to be more accommodating. Some become powerbrokers by training — learning from[…]