What’s A ‘Theophany’? A ‘Christophany’?











Theophanies are an interesting thing in the Scriptures. A theophany is a physical manifestation of God that can be experienced with the human senses. Throughout the Old Testament, there are many examples of this. A Christophany is a pre-incarnation (before he was conceived by the virgin Mary) manifestation of Jesus. While some of these are pretty evident, others are theophanies where scholars differ on whether it was God the Father or God the Son.

The term theophany is a compound Greek word taken from theos (meaning “God”) and phania (meaning “apparition”).

Below are some video lessons on this topic. With each video lesson is a PDF of a handout that includes both the teaching slides and space for your notes.

Video 1 – Christophanies in the Old Testament: Introduction

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Handout 1 – Christophanies in the Old Testament: Introduction