January 30, 2015

All Testimonials

“I met John Kimball through working with the CCCC. Our first real contact happened because he was assisting a church that was dealing with a moral failure. As we talked through the issues the church was facing, John showed wisdom and discernment, caring as much for the people involved as he did for the church as an institution, but never compromising the Truth of the Gospel in the process. I knew some of the individuals in the church, so my goal in our conversation was to offer feedback that might be helpful to the church in the process. John very quickly displayed his gifts as a mentor by drawing out the truths God was trying to teach me as an individual even through my peripheral connection to the situation.

Over the next several years, our paths kept crossing through CCCC events. John continued to unofficially mentor me, helping me consider the pathway of ministry I should pursue. He was caring, thorough in his questioning, and careful in his direction. He truly helped me hear God’s voice above all the others that were clamoring for my attention.
When God led me to pastoral ministry, John offered to become my official mentor, and I have been ever so grateful for the gift of his insights. I have personally benefitted from the deep and probing questions that John has asked me to consider, as well as from the instruction he has offered on the nuts and bolts of how to be a pastor. (There is so much they never teach you in seminary!)

Additionally, I have observed John’s work in redevelopment from the inside. The church where I am currently serving is striving to rebuild and hear God’s voice for their future. John has coached them well in these early stages of the redevelopment process and we have seen incredible fruit already. Some of that fruit would not have been possible without John’s help and teaching. His knowledge and application of the NCD Survey and Peacemaker processes has been invaluable to this church and to me as a pastor and a person.

John is knowledgeable, real, kind, encouraging, tenacious for the things of God and very wise. I highly recommend John as a life and ministry coach!”

– Susan Moody, Transitional Pastor at Congregational Church of Chester, VT


“Second to my wife and my children, having John Kimball as my mentor is the most valuable relationship in my life. It is not possible to overstate how John’s guidance and coaching have been a great blessing to me. He has a remarkable gift of leading with patience and gentleness while still bringing timely challenges, great clarity and confident leadership to my life. Rather than develop a system and then look to squeeze me into it, John is always proactively listening and seeking to work in the areas that God is calling me to address.

I have greatly benefited, and am continuing to learn from, his example of how to partner with God’s Spirit in the leadership and development of people. Every time I meet with John I walk away full of encouragement and with a clear game plan to address the most important things in my life and ministry. Over the past 6 years I have matured and grown as a man and as a Christian under John’s guidance. He has been a consistent conduit of the abundant life that comes through walking in the Kingdom of God. You’ll be in great hands if you take advantage of his coaching.”

– Sam Harrell, Church Planter/Lead Pastor The Greenhouse, Oceanside CA


“I’ve enjoyed a mentored relationship with John for the past seven years. His gifted ability to see the big picture and resource to my specific and yet changing need has been a tremendous blessing. His gentle yet direct approach comes from the sincere desire to see me developed to my greatest potential.

As a life coach John guided me into specific rhythms that helped provide stability and guide me to greater achievement. As a Ministry Coach John was there to provide specific resourcing to help me avoid major blunders and achieve greater success. In the area of Leadership he helped me establish a leadership style and key objectives prior to my appointment. These strategies have provided a platform from which to intentionally lead.

This coaching relationship with John has enabled me to transition well to greater effectiveness. I’m eternally grateful for John’s gifting and the energies spent on my behalf.”

– Rev. Todd E VennmanPastor Wiltsie Community Church, Russell PA/ CCCC Church Developer/ President CCCC Board of Directors


“When I was called to my current Pastorate, I was called to a conflicted, hurting and confused congregation. I needed help navigating the “stormy seas” of church conflict, mistrust, disappointment and rejection. In addition we needed to redefine leadership roles and responsibilities according to the Biblical texts. Dr. John Kimball was able and willing to walk with me through the many challenges and hurtles that came with ministering to a Church that was on the verge of splitting.  John drew on his years of experience as well as his repertoire of knowledge on biblical peacemaking, conflict resolution, and leadership development to help me better serve “the people of his pasture” entrusted to my care.

John has a Pastor’s heart, a desire to see God glorified, and to also see the leaders of His Church prosper and grow in their faith and Divine design. I am fortunate to have such a wonderful mentor and friend.”

– Scott NicePastor Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek, Telford PA


“John Kimball has been my mentor since 2008. It’s been an awesome journey. He has the ability to ask the hard questions that make you think and dig deep so that you can get to the root of the issue instead of covering up the reactions from it. He has helped me learn how to mature in Christ through teaching me the spiritual disciplines, bible study and prayer.

The different programs and processes he uses help me to keep on track of my goals and purpose in life; however, when issues arise he takes the appropriate and needed time to help work through the problems. His advice is always guided by scripture. He is not only my mentor I consider him a good friend. My favorite part is that he actually practices what he preaches.”

– Toni McAndrew, Missionary to the Deaf San Salvador, El Salvador