July 18, 2019


Dr. Kimball has produced several articles, books and other resources.


Disciple Making: Raising Another Up Toward Maturity in Christ by John Kimball, with Gayle Buford (Beaumeadow Group, 2019, 2023)

The Church faces many challenges, but perhaps the biggest is the need for intentional and consistent disciple making.

In this revised and expanded edition of Disciple Making, author John Kimball examines the elements of Jesus’ commission, helping even the newest of believers understand what true disciples are and how to make them. Disciple Making is a great tool for personal growth, small group studies, and ministry teams as they set out to raise people up toward maturity in Christ.


Low Hanging Fruit: Partnering with the Holy Spirit for Greater Ministry Impact by John Kimball (Beaumeadow Group, 2022).

Harvesting “low-hanging fruit” is a great analogy for the way Christians participate in the life and mission of the Savior. Author John Kimball lays the foundation of a very simple biblical theology for building redemptive relationships and understanding how ministry happens through relational pathways.

Low Hanging Fruit is extremely practical and simple to read. It’s a helpful tool for anyone who would like to increase their participation in Jesus’ mission of redemption. Whether you’re a church-goer, a missionary, a pastor, a parachurch minister or a seminary student, this book will equip you to reach people who are the “low-hanging fruit” in your life.

Church Revitalization in Rural America: Restoring Churches in America’s Heartland by Tom Cheyney, John Kimball, Jim Grant, Rob Hartgen & Chris Irving (Renovate Publishing Group, 2018)


Navigating a Pastoral Transition: A Handbook for Christians Leaders, Search Committees & Transition Teams by Ron Hamilton, John Kimball, Ed Whitman, Ray DeLaurier, Tim Dubeau, Terry Shanahan, Phil Noordmans, and Peter Wood (Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, 2011, 2023)

Navigating a pastoral change is a challenging experience for any church, and can be a difficult journey for some. This comprehensive guide has been prepared by experiences leaders in the Conservative Congregational Conference to assist church leaders, pastoral search committees and transition teams step by step through the process of finding a new pastor.


Church Constitution Handbook: Writing, Reviewing & Revising Your Church Constitution and By-lawsby Stephen Gammon, John Kimball and Karen Sloat (Lake Elmo, MN: FORESEE Publications, 2009)

This handbook is designed to help the local church leadership to think through critical considerations to write a constitution that is not only legally sound, but that provides timely and appropriate guidance to the congregation’s life and ministry together.


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Other Resources

Praying in Tough Times – A series of video lessons on prayer (published during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 to help people build a robust prayer life)