January 28, 2015

Detailed Service Information


All coaching, mentored ministry, assessments and other engagements are done by contract through the Praxis Center for Church Development (www.praxiscenter.org).

Pastors, church planters, missionaries and other Christian workers benefit from coaching for a variety of reasons, but my specialties are leader development, church revitalization, church planting and helping articulate values, vision and mission.

Because of the more personal nature of mentored ministry and the deeper investment, each relationship is negotiated separately.

I work with several pastoral assessment tools, including the Vista Pastoral Dialog which provides a very thorough review of a pastor’s spiritual vitality, relational priority (including conflict resolution), ministry fruitfulness and needed skillsets.

For pastors, missionaries, church planters and other Christian workers who have experienced a forced exit, burnout, or are otherwise in a difficult time of transition, my wife and I offer a special respite. We invite you into a pre-planned retreat time in our home here in Central Florida for 5 days of rest, evaluation, and wise counsel* as you process your next steps for life and ministry. Typically, this offer is for the minister and spouse only, and begins with arrival on Sunday evening and ends with departure on Saturday morning. This time includes your meals, lodging in our guest room, a combination of the pastoral assessments above, space for sabbath, and one-on-one time over several days with us. Schedules and pricing vary depending on the need (contact me for more information).

I offer both speaking and training engagements on a variety of topics including: leadership and leader development, intercessory prayer, church development, discipleship, cross-cultural mission, evangelism and more. Each contract is negotiated separately, and would include any needed travel and lodging expenses.

*Please note that neither my wife nor I are professional counselors. We offer pastoral counseling only based upon our many years of local and national ministry experience.