March 5, 2018

NCD – Natural Church Development

All Natural Church Development packages are done by contract through the Praxis Center for Church Development (

The Natural Church Development (NCD) process has a proven track record throughout many countries, languages, denominations and cultures. It measures and applies eight Quality Characteristics of church health to help even healthy congregations to become more fruitful for God’s kingdom.

Watch this brief video for an excellent explanation of why NCD works so well.

With over 30 years of both local and national ministry experience, coupled with the training and certification of NCD, I have helped many churches to identify and address areas of need so that they can again flourish for the kingdom. I have also worked with some churches that were in danger of closing and have seen some amazing results as they took God’s call seriously and embarked on a challenging but fruitful turn-around journey. Our primary job is to address obstacles to growth and ministry and watch the Holy Spirit work!

Ala Carte Services

  • NCD Survey (Online) – $500 – printed surveys are available where needed for an extra fee
    • NCD Insights Report – additional $85
    • NCD Profile Plus Report – additional $85
    • NCD Results Guides (highly recommended!) – additional $170
  • Church Health Weekend – $2000 plus travel & lodging
  • Ongoing NCD Coaching (see Coaching Packages)

Additional Assessment Processes

I also provide more in-depth local church assessment beyond just the NCD Survey, including the implementation of the Vista Church Dialogue produced by the Praxis Center for Church Development. This very thorough local church experience harnesses the NCD and various on-site interviews to evaluate the pastor(s), leadership and congregation on personal life and ministry regarding spiritual vitality, relationships, ministry fruit and needed skillsets. The NCD tool is included in this deeper assessment, providing an executive summary that looks at both quantitative and qualitative information to map out a powerful and unique plan for your church. Because of the unique application of the Vista experience, each Vista assessment is contracted separately. The Vista assessment can also be part of a wider developmental process for local churches.

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