April 10, 2019

Episode 16: EQ and Redemptive Church Discipline

We continue our series on E.Q. or Emotional Intelligence with a dialog about how redemptive church discipline can help people with low EQ grow, restoring their broken relationships. I am interviewing my friend Dr. Daryl Thompson, District Superintendent of the Northern Plains District of the Evangelical Free Church in America. Daryl and I both serve in denominational roles where we have to provide oversight and intervention when relational issues arise in local churches. While people with low EQ often are unintentional when doing so, they do hurt people – often those to which they are closest. Redemptive church discipline is not about punishing the offender, but about coming alongside them to help them reconcile their stressed and broken relationships, and also providing accountability for growth so they do not continue those hurtful patterns.

In this episode, we also talk about annual pastoral evaluations. If you’d like more information about providing a good evaluation for your pastor, please email us here at The Minister’s Friend at podcast@johnrkimball.com.

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