January 4, 2019

Episode 2: Mentoring is Generational


This episode begins a series on mentoring pastors and other church leaders. Pastor John went through the biblical example today, focusing on Paul’s mentoring relationship with Timothy. We heard two testimonies today from men whose lives and ministries have been greatly impacted by the intentional investment of mentors.

Beginning in our next episode, we’ll hear from Pastor John’s mentor, Dr. Tom Johnston. Tom is the pastor of Trinity Life Community in Bedford NH. He’s also the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Praxis Center for Church Development, and President and Chief Educationist of the Trivium Institute. You’ll be blessed by what he shares.

Many pastors realize the need for a consistent mentoring relationship after they are already suffering burnout or other problems in ministry. If your need is more urgent and you cannot wait for these podcasts to unfold for more information, you may contact us for more guidance.  You may email us at podcast@johnrkimball.com or may use the Contact Us form on the main page of this website.