April 3, 2020

Episode 60 – Letting The Bible Tell Its Story

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Show Notes

There are three things Pastor John notes are all but missing from the North American church today: we don’t pray like we should, we don’t make disciples like we should, and we don’t read our bibles like we should. In fact, George Barna has noted that half of America is fully “disengaged” from the Bible. Enter the Institute for Bible Reading. Glenn Paauw and Paul Caminiti join The Minister’s Friend to talk about their incredible tool, the Immerse Bible Reading Experience, and how it is designed to address today’s lack of bible reading. In this episode, we talk discuss the decision to rearrange some of the Bible books and letters in the Immerse Bible.

Special Offer

This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic (April 2020). In order to bless families who are “sequestered” in their homes with most States passing Stay-At-Home orders, the folks from the Institute for Bible Reading have created a FREE resource for families to help redeem the extra time spent together. Immerse From Home is a family study of the Bible book Luke-Acts. They provide the biblical text (New Living Translation), introductory videos for the two main sections of the study, streaming audio links for those who do better listening to the Bible than reading it, and a special family guide to make this a wonderful family experience together.

Below are two important FREE links:

  1. Paul Caminiti’s Video Introduction to Immerse From Home
  2. The Immerse From Home website where you can download everything you need

We cannot recommend this experience more highly. Enjoy!

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