February 8, 2019

Episode 7: Mentoring Church Leaders

Show Notes

In today’s episode, Pastor John begins a three-part interview with Foye Belyea, the Founder and CEO of the Warrior Priest Leadership Group. John asks Foye how he began mentoring in pastors and other church leaders. Foye tells his own story, explaining many critical things his mentors have invested into him over the years.

Foye Belyea is co-author of The Five Stones: An Everyday Guide to Following Jesus.

Foye also recommends the following books:

Perhaps you desire the kind of mentoring we have been describing in the last several episodes. God has likely already placed the the right people around you. Who do you know that has wisdom or experience in the area of life in which you want to grow? Struggling to identify those people? Maybe we can help.  You may email us at podcast@johnrkimball.com or may use the Contact Us form on the main page of this website.