July 31, 2017

Launching an Intercessory Prayer Movement in Your Church (July 2017)

Hey Folks,

Thanks so much for participating in our webinar today, Launching an Intercessory Prayer Movement in Your Church. I hope it was a blessing to you and your church family.  Below are two follow-up items for you:

  1. The Video Recording of Today’s Webinar*
  2. The PDF Handout for Today’s Webinar

Please also take some time to fill out the survey that was on the original email to you.

If you missed today’s webinar, don’t worry.  This is something I offer several times a year. Just watch my Facebook page (@pjkimball) for the next time it’s offered.

God bless you!

*Please review the video before sharing it. As I warned at the beginning, all of the dialogue was recorded. It’s always best to check to make sure your own comments won’t be problematic as we discussed the condition of our congregations.