To What Are You Listening?

As a pastor, I deal with all kinds of people. Those personalities have been enlarged during these times of international pandemic and national upheaval. There are those that are fearful — many living every moment right now in fear. There are those that are suspicious — holding every intention suspect and refusing to believe anything[…]

Five Post-COVID19 Personalities in Your Congregation

It varies from State to State, but many local churches are now either returning to a modified version of gathered worship or will soon. I have talked to pastors all over the country and to say that there is apprehension in the midst of their excitement would be an understatement. Some are really positive about[…]

Mentoring the Leaders of Your Church

First Published in The Trinitas Journal – November 2018 by The Praxis Center for Church Development ( November 27, 2018 The mentoring of elders and other leaders in a local church can be a game-changer. One of the most common health issues I see when working with churches is a leadership team that functions more as a[…]

Understanding a Powerbroker

By Dr. John Kimball, D.Min. Powerbrokers. Every organization has them — including the church. They have strong opinions backed up by strong personalities. Some are manipulative. Others are intimidating. All wield their agendas and know how to “press in” on those who tend to be more accommodating. Some become powerbrokers by training — learning from[…]

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Questions Every Candidating Pastor Should Ask

There’s a secret we have unwittingly kept from most young pastoral candidates — and keeping it from them has helped to set them up for more pain and frustration than they deserve. The secret? An interview with a church’s search committee is a dialogue: the candidate is interviewing the church as much as they are[…]

A Big Difference

After nearly 30 years in the pastorate and in various leadership positions in ministry, I have had the opportunity to learn many different things that either enable a church to flourish, or prevent it. These often have to do with organizational, pastoral and leadership issues; however, there is one critical aspect that rests with the congregation[…]

Trusting Transparency

Pastors tend to be very guarded people. It’s surprising because we are the go-to person whenever anyone else is in crisis. People tell us their problems in counseling. They come to us with marriage issues, trials, temptations, parenting challenges, financial problems and everything in between.  But pastors themselves often have a very hard time being[…]

An Agenda or Your Heart?

Ministers need each other.  As a local church pastor, a denominational leader, and as a ministry mentor I often find myself asking this question: Who pastors the pastor? There have been precious few times in my ministry that I have found what I have now in my current pastorate — brethren.  I am blessed that[…]